Palace is an exciting, visually oriented chat experience, an online community of people who come together to interact in rich graphical environments while wearing avatars personalized to represent themselves.

In comparison to regular chat, Palace visitors express themselves using sounds, space and movement as well as text.

With over a thousand Palaces open to the public at any given time, built by people from all corners of the world, there really is SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE. And it's all free!

This section of Studio Dust's web site will introduce you to the basics of using The Palace Viewer, the newest way to visit Palace, right in your browser! You'll learn how to communicate, how to get around PalaceSpace, how to find and save avatars, a few basic guidelines and more.

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Getting started
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TPV screen
Sounds & Music
Getting help
A few Guidelines


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*** NOTE ***

The Palace Viewer is no longer supported by
In order to visit Palace through your browser at this time you will need to use Instant Palace, a very similar program. You are welcome to browse through this site, as much of the information on TPV is applicable to Instant Palace. For more information please visit the


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Instant Palace, please click on the button below.


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Studio Dust is not just about chatting!

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The images used in this section of Studio Dust's web site are created from
avatars made by Palace users throughout PalaceSpace. Many are originals that can be
found in Studio Dust's prop rooms. I would like to thank everyone who contributed their
creations to these web pages.

I would also like to thank everyone throughout PalaceSpace who helped me in creating this guide, including all those who responded to my questions posted to the Palace mailing lists, the people at customer service, everyone at Studio Dust, the wonderful people at Maytree's Retreat and many more. A special thanks to David* at Peace Palace for helping me test a multitude of things over the past 5 months and to Floyd at Studio Dust for, as always, his infinite patience and many contributions to this guide.

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