Palace Guidelines and Rules


Studio Dust is a palace for everyone to feel comfortable visiting. It's purpose is to provide a friendly atmosphere where people of all ages can chat, be silly and enjoy each other's company.

We assume that everybody who visits Studio Dust shares the desire to be friendly and courteous. In the interest of maintining this goal we have set forth the following guidelines and rules.

Obscenity and Other Language

Obscenities and threatening remarks are not acceptable and will not be tolerated. These include:

  • Blatant cursing and use of foul language.

  • Sexual, racial, ethnic or political insults.

These rules apply to both speech and the name you use on screen.

Props and Avatars

The same guidelines for conversation and language apply to the name you use and the props and avatars you wear. The following are not allowed:

  • Nude, lewd, or obscene avatars.

  • Avatars portraying private body parts or sexual acts.

  • Avatars that portray threatening guns or other weapons.

Topics of Conversation

Studio Dust is intended for mature visitors. This not mean adults only, nor does it mean sexually mature. People of all ages visit Studio Dust so please be mindful that you are in mixed company.

  • Sexually explicit conversations are not allowed on the porch.

  • Bigoted, abusive and hateful speech and rudeness will not be tolerated, especially when it targets an individual.

  • Slanderous talk or other complaining about individuals should be avoided, as should bickering or fighting with other visitors.

Don't assume that everyone is interested or willing to hear details about personal problems or complaints about other people.

  • If you have a personal problem to discuss with someone please have the courtesy to take it inside away form the porch.

  • There is to be no arguing or bickering on the porch.


Visual behavior and "body language" is also important in a graphic chat environment.

  • Please do not crowd or sit on top of others.

  • Do not bounce around the screen at the porch or make excessive use of the arrow keys for moving about (known as sliding).

  • If the porch is crowded, consider wearing a small, 1-piece avatar to leave more room and consider moving inside to one of the many great rooms at Studio Dust.


The wizards and operators at Studio Dust are there to be friendly and helpful. When necessary, they will deal with people who misbehave. The judgment of what is obscene or abusive belongs to the wizards on duty.

If someone is misbehaving or bothering you and a wizard is not present at the room you are in you may try to page one. Do this by typing 'page followed by a brief message. For example:

'page Please come help.
That message will be sent to all available wizards and one will come as soon as possible. If there are no wizards available and you have a serious problem, you should record a log of what is being said (use the "Open Log File" command in the File menu of the Palace program). Send this and a description of the situation - including the date and time - in an email message addressed to





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