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The company that currently owns the rights to the Palace software has discontinued supporting The Palace and distribution of the software. Many Palace servers are still operating and the best way to experience Palace is by using the stand-alone client program.

We are prohibited by license and copyright restrictions from providing the software directly. However it is available from a few software download sites. Here are a few links you can try to obtain the software. Availability come and goes. We will try to keep these links as up-to-date as possible.

    Windows      Windows users try these direct links to download the latest version, 3.5, of the Palace Client:
            site1      site2      site3

    Macintosh      Macintosh users try these direct links to download the latest version, 3.5.1, of the Palace Client for PowerPC Macintosh:
            site1      site2
    For those with older 68K Macinotosh computers the latest version of the Palace Client is 3.0.1. Go to for Macintosh and search there for "Palace".

If those links don't work try visiting, or


Registration Codes
The Palace client program requires a registration code to enable all of its features.


First Time Users
First time Palace users (and even some long time users re-installing the Palace client) are likely to have difficulties using the program because it depends on some things that no longer exist or are not the way they used to be when the program was created.

Rather than re-write what others have already written so well, here are links to some very useful information to help you get started.


Palace Manuals
Have some questions about using the Palace software? Care to read the manuals?

Here are some Palace user manuals in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) format.

Note: some of the information in the Wizard manual may be out of date. Use the ' help command to get a current list of Wizard commands for the Palace where you work.


Palace Backup Bits
Have you lost your prop file due to data corruption?
Has your cyborg script file gotten fubar?

We have backups of the default palace.prp and cyborg.ipt files for Windows and Macintosh users.


Graphics Tools
A good graphics editor is very important if you want to make avatars and / or background pictures for Palace.

Below are links for some popular graphics editors that can be used to make and edit pictures for use in the Palace.

    The Gimp The Gimp is a full-featured and free graphics editor written for Unix and the X-Window system. It will run on Linux, there are versions for Windows and Mac OSX.
    Paint Shop Pro Originally distributed by Jasc Software, Paint Shop Pro is now sold by Corel. It is still affordable but somewhat expensive. This program offers features comparable to Photoshop but is only available for Windows. Older, shareware versions of Paint Shop Pro may still be available from some software download sites.
    This graphics editor for MacOS (Classic and X) has been around for many years. It used to be a shareware product but now requires an inexpensive license fee. A demo version is still available.
    Many consider this to be the ultimate, professional graphics editing software for MacOS and Windows. It's price reflects its reputation but it is worth it if you can afford it.
    A trimmed down version of Adobe Photoshop but more affordable. It should provide all the necessary tools for creating Palace graphics. (MacOS and Windows)


Palace Color Palettes
Pictures for The Palace (for GIF room backgrounds and Avatars) must be mapped into a color table using a special color palette or color lookup table.

Various programs have their own methods for applying a color palette to an image and will need a special file containing the color information to be used with Palace images. Below are links to download Palace color palettes for use with some popular graphics editors. Please consult your graphics program's documentation for how to use these.

There is also a link for a GIF file containing the colors of the Palace palette that you may use to sample colors for creating original graphics or to create a color palette file in a different graphics program.


Audio Editing Tools
If you are including sounds in your Palace, a audio editor is an important tool for extracting sections of sound effects and songs and converting them to appropriate sample rates. Most sound editing programs provide a way to record your own original sounds, too.

Below are links for some popular grpahics editors that can be used to make and edit pictures for use in the Palace.

    Audacity Audacity is a free, open source, program available of Mac OSX, Windows amd Linux. With this program you can record, edit, mix and convert sound files.
    Bias Peak Bias sells both professional and "lite" versions of the Peak audio editing software for Macintosh.
    Wave Editor
    This program provides a rich set of operations to edit, record and mix sounds for Winodws. FlexiMusic also offers a variey of other affordable audio and music programs.
    The program Cool Edit is now sold by Adobe and called Audition. Adobe also has a higher-end sound program called SoundBooth.
    RiffMP3 This shareware program wraps and MP3 file in a WAV header, allowing it to be played in the Windows Palace client.










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