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In Loving Memory of  Meisha
Jon Li
& Pumpkin Pie
  (2000 - 2011)
  (2001 - 2015)
  (1990 - 2009)


In August of 2001 our family was joined by Meisha and Jon Li. They are Korats, a breed from Thailand.

Meisha was 1 1/2 years old and Jon Li was almost 5 months old.

It was sometimes hard to tell them apart at first but Jon Li has grown quite a lot in a short time.

There was a lot to get used to in their new home, with two new cats, and a dog besides two new humans.

They seemed quite content to stay together in their "safe place" getting used to new surroundings just a little at a time.

Jon Li was the first to venture out to see the rest of the house.
He seems to especially enjoy the cat tree in the sun alcove and he eventually convinced Meisha to check it out. This is actually one of the favorite spots for all the cats.

Meisha spent the first year or so of her life winning awards at cat shows.

She wasn't very fond of the spot light and it's taking some time to get over her shyness.


 Mingus seems oblivious to the new company as he enjoys snoozing
 on a blanket left draped on a chair. He loves a warm and cozy spot.
However, he also loves to eat and Mingus is right there to explain proper table manners to Jon Li.
"Once they put down their utensils, it's our turn. Mmmmm, they left us a bit of Fondue."



Jon Li and Meisha both enjoy a sunny spot. Just not always the same spot and the same time.



Jon Li often claims the cat tree as his own - or at least he tries. Actually, they all share nicely.

But it's rare and probably takes more than a few cat treats to get them all on the tree at the same time.

Sharing the tree are Meisha, Jon Li, Pumpkin Pie and Mingus.


Meisha and Jon Li appreciate the many folks
who have come to visit them and their friends.


Learn more about the Korat breed at the Korat World Web Site

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